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Online Version QBO Basic with Payroll

The exam has 40 questions and tests for advanced knowledge of QuickBooks Online functions in accounts payable, accounts receivable and banking; as well as general accounting knowledge. Payroll questions are included.
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The exam has 40 questions and tests for advanced knowledge of QuickBooks Online functions in:

  •  accounts payable
  •  accounts receivable
  •  banking
  •  advanced accounting knowledge.
  • processing payroll


This exam is designed for businesses that need more than a data entry bookkeeper and expect the applicant to have accounting knowledge and the QBO advanced with payroll experience

It can be used by accounting or bookkeeping firms that hire staff bookkeepers to work on client's books or for staffing agencies that want to test applicants QuickBooks knowledge before referring them for a position.

They are required to know how to use the payroll functions.

Quickbooks Testing Online

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