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Is this test printable?

It is not—for your convenience the tests are taken online and graded for you and the results are sent to you immediately upon completion.


What test should I pick?

Analyze what is expected of your bookkeeper—for example: if it’s just data entry basic bookkeeping would be a good fit. If you expect them to do all entries including journal entries and more extensive accounting use advanced. If you have questions about which test will best fit your needs feel free to call customer support for guidance.


What type of questions is on the test?

Multiply choice and true or false


How many questions are there?



How do I receive the results?

Results are emailed to you as soon as the test is completed.


Does the applicant see the results also?

No. The only way they can see the results is if you give them the information.


Who grades the tests?

The answers are graded on a scale and are auto-generated by the software.


Does the applicant need to take the test in my office?

The test can be taken from any location with internet access.


What is the purpose of a timed test?

To insure the applicant doesn’t have the time to look up the answers.


How does the applicant know how much time they have?

When the test starts it tells them how much time they have to complete it and a clock is running while they are taking the test telling them how much time they have left. All tests are 30 minutes.


What if the applicant exceeds the time?

All bookkeeping tests should easily be completed prior to the 30-minute time frame if the applicant knows Quick Books.  No results will populate if the test taker exceeds 30 minutes.


Do I get to see all the test questions?

The questions that were answered incorrectly are the only questions you can see which provides you with the ability to decipher if the question missed is relevant to your business.


Who do I contact if I don’t understand the results?

Call our customer service department for help.  480-209-3749


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Quickbooks Testing Online

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