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Accounting Skills Test

This test is designed to test the accounting skills or knowledge background of your applicant.
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Accounting Skills Test/ General Accounting Knowledge


This test is designed to test the accounting skills or knowledge background of your applicant.

This test is difficult and not recommended for a beginner bookkeeper.  It is for an advanced individual such as a CPA, Staffing Agency, or a business owner who is in need of a full control person such as a controller that will be expected to do all advanced levels of bookkeeping entries with very little or no help from a CPA. 

It is not designed with any software program such as QuickBooks and how you would use QuickBooks functions.  If you want testing for QuickBooks please choose from the QuickBooks tests listed on this website.


This exam has 40 questions consisting of multiple choice and true or false.


The applicant will be required to understand prepaid entries, what type of accounts are affected when doing different entries such as prepaid advertising, sale or purchase of an asset, whether entries are on the balance sheet or the profit and loss statement and the difference between a cash vs. accrual basis.                     

Help U Accounting had this test created with the mindset if an applicant has general accounting knowledge they should be able to function in any accounting software program as they already understand what entries generate what effect. 


Feel free to contact our customer support team if you have any questions regarding this test.  877-292-0741


Tuesday, 27 September 2016
I am a Jagatheesh, I am using Quick book for Accounting purpose, from my opening the system is very good then lot of software. From this system i feel easy to handle all the inventory and other reports
Michael Davis
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