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Quickbooks Testing

If you are a college student, an individual seeking employment or an employer wanting to test the skills, knowledge and functions of a QuickBooks user, QuickBooks Testing is a an extremely affordable way to test your skills before you apply for a job or hire an employee. This skills test will help you understand where you might need to refresh your skills to pass an employment exam. As a business owner it will help you make a more informed decision. Why would you guess when you can test? Protect your business and your profits by testing and not guessing.

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Why Choose QuickBooksTesting.com?

  • With unemployment rates rising, more and more applicants are looking for work and may exaggerate (or even lie) to appear qualified for a position. Protect your business by putting their skills to the test.
  • We have both basic and advanced bookkeeper exams. Our online exams test applicants on their knowledge of Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, Banking and Accounting (not on basic bookkeeper exam).
  • We review the results and classify applicants according to skill level: beginner, intermediate or advanced QuickBooks users.
  • You will receive an analysis of results rather than just a percentage score. This allows you to make possible training decisions as well as hiring decisions.
  • You can find out on the job if someone is qualified by hiring them and hoping they live up to their resume. However, it can take months to realize they are not qualified for the position. Don't put your companys reputation on the line by filling a position with someone who only looks good on paper or sounds good in an interview. Test potential employees!
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  Accounting Skills Exam  


This test is designed to test the accounting skills or knowledge background of your applicant.

It is not designed with any software program such as QuickBooks and how you would use QuickBooks functions.  If you want testing for QuickBooks please choose from the QuickBooks tests listed on this website.


The applicant will be required to understand prepaid entries, what type of accounts are affected when doing different entries such as prepaid advertising, sale or purchase of an asset, whether entries are on the balance sheet or the profit and loss statement and the difference between a cash vs. accrual basis.                     

Help U Accounting had this test created with the mindset if an applicant has general accounting knowledge they should be able to function in any accounting software program as they already understand what entries generate what effect. 

Feel free to contact our customer support team if you have any questions regarding this test.