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Professional Services without Payroll

The exam has 40 questions and tests for industry specific knowledge such as invoicing clients for staff time and reimbursable expenses and tracking retainers; advanced QuickBooks functions in accounts payable, accounts receivable and banking. This is our most difficult test available.
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The exam has 40 questions and tests for industry specific knowledge such as:


  •  invoicing clients for staff time
  •  reimbursable expenses
  •  tracking retainers
  •  advanced QuickBooks functions in accounts payable
  •  accounts receivable
  •  banking
  •  a higher level of accounting knowledge.

Payroll questions are not included.

This exam is designed for a business that requires the highest level of QuickBooks knowledge and need a bookkeeper that can work independently.

This applicant would be expected to do all phases of bookkeeping with little supervision and must have a very high level of accounting knowledge.